Harley Davison

Harley Davison

miércoles, 8 de diciembre de 2010

Route 66


This activity will give you the chance to find out about a few places in the U.S. It is a different adventurous way to travel, the mythical and most famous highway which connects the country from East to West: ROUTE 66.


Enjoy two weeks of a unique experience.
Ride a Harley Davidson from East to West in the USA. Describe the stages, the important places you are going to see, the miles you are going to ride and other interesting data.


1) Airplane tickets from Santander to Chicago. You might need to go through one of the main European airports such as Madrid Barajas, Frankfurt or London Heathrow or maybe not. Try your luck.

2) Get in touch with the person responsible to receive you (the contact). Find out the contact phone number and address. Describe a detailed description of the stages, where and how you are going to spend the night and the interesting places you are going to visit.

3) Trip back to Spain.


Make a list of the things you will need to take (passport, money, credit card, tourist guide, dictionary, clothing, cell phone, etc)
· http://www.eaglerider.com/motorcycle-tours/guid motorcycle-tour/route-66-motorcycle-tour.aspx
Airplane tickets:
Santander- Chicago
· http://www.edreams.com/flights/santander-chicago/http://www.tripbase.com/Flights_from-Santander-to-Chicago-SDR-to-ORD.html
Los Angeles- Santander
· http://www.farecompare.com/flights/Santander-SDR/city.html
Taxi cabs in Chicago:
· http://yellow.taxi.chicagoland.tel/
Taxis from the hotel in LA to the airport
· http://www.lataxi.com/

We will grade our students according to correctness (grammar, spelling, etc.), depth of the work, clear organization and viability of the steps which have been taken.

The aim of this activity is to give you the chance to find out that there are different ways to travel abroad. The USA is a huge country, taking part in this project will give you a clear idea of this fact.